Posted on Nov 04, 2018

Akwang village is a rural area in Agago district, 400 kilometers north from Kampala. It is among the few districts without an active Rotary club yet the Rotary brand is very alive   through the actions of the District Award winners 2015/2016- Interact Club of Akwang Hill SS. The Club with a membership of 114 is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kampala Naalya. 



During the Economic and community development month, the club embarked on a project of making Sanitary pads having identified that a number of girls were dropping out of school in addition to missing classes due to inaccessibility of sanitary pads. With a minimum budget of Shs. 150,000, they got materials and training on making good sanitary pads locally and cheaply.  Most interestingly even the boys participated actively acknowledging that what affects their sisters affected them too. They also intend to make sanitary pads for their sisters when they go back home as well as generate some income for themselves. The interactors have plans to extend their skills to the neighboring community, 

The Interactors also regularly visits and help out the elderly and helpless in their community. The effect of the LRA war left many widowed and alone. One such victim is 94-year-old Laying Martina, a childless widow who was living in a dilapidated hut that leaked and slept on rugs, for a mattress, among other problems. The interactors swung into action to renovate her hut, bought her a mattress among other items. We still look forward to supporting our Grandma and other people as such within our community because we have BIG HEARTS for ROTARY