The Rotary Club of Bahari’s annual golf tournament was held on 29 September  to raise funds for the club’s prosthetic limbs project at Peoples Empowerment Foundation. The project’s aim is to to empower the disabled in the community by  providing them with artificial limbs.  The event which attracted over 100 golfers raised USD17,250
From the funds raised, the frst bunch of 25 recipents of the artificial limbs have been measured and casts created in preparation of making the artificial limbs. The recipients also received hygiene packs thanks to Rotarian Zain
This year’s sponsors of the golf tournament included Aon -Minet, Airtel, SBC Pepsi, Petrolibe, Scalia, Kamal Steel, Minex Logistics, Clear Services, NAS Tyres, Vervet Global / Optima , Car and General, iPrint, CFAO Motors, Subway, Steelmasters, Bank of India, CBA Bank , Maxoms, Unoplast who made this project possible by sponsoring the Golf tournament .