My Family of Rotary
The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.   H. G. Wells
Welcome to our year of service 2020-21 when Rotary Opens Opportunities!! I am so delighted to recommit myself to the duty ahead of us of steering District 9211 into the highest level of service, and I am sure that you too are ready to roll with me! Let us rock!
Every year, July 1st is always an exciting time for the Rotary Family inclusive of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Members of Inner Wheel and our partners. We have just completed a most amazing year of service 2019/20 under the leadership of my dear friend and mentor now Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) Francis Xavier Sentamu accompanied by his lovely spouse Rtn. Brenda Sentamu and the Xs young generation. Thank you IPDG Francis for a most successful year despite the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) that impacted on our operations, meetings, trainings, and other events. The splendid work done by the Connecting Presidents and leaders will always be remembered as it is the foundation upon which we spring as Opportunity Leaders.
My Opportunity Presidents and Leaders, this is the time for us to put into action what we have planned during the last two years. A lot of good work has already been successfully accomplished, thanks to the commitment that you have put in, coupled with a high sense of togetherness and team spirit. Our tour of duty will require innovativeness and adaptation at club level to ensure that we continue delivering services effectively to our communities during this period when COVID-19 is still with us. It is important that we continue to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by Government in all our engagements, and wherever we may be. Our public image is at stake if we do not observe the SOPs.
Our number one internal priority still remains membership growth, development and retention. With COVID-19 in our midst, clubs need now more than ever to think nimbly and to consider offering valuable membership experience that will keep their members engaged and enjoying Rotary. Practical tips to this: find a new niche and types of engagement that will keep members wanting to come back; build the right culture with values, beliefs and habits; let's change the old habits but do not abandon those that cherish them. Think of new innovations in how we conduct meetings, how we do service and how we engage with members. Let us embrace emotional intelligence than intelligent quotient in our clubs. Let us inspire the members to love Rotary so that it is a major source of their happiness.
Starting today, 1st July 2020, Rotaract is elevated from a Rotary Program to a Rotary membership type, making them truly our partners in service. It is indeed time to increase our engagement with Rotaracters, to harness the dividend of their age, energy, creativity, and resilience to respond to the challenges humanity faces. Let us appoint the Rotaractors to be members of the Board and Committees of Rotary Clubs. Let us involve them in preparing and executing global grants as partners, right from the stage of proposal packaging.
Service Above Self is our Motto. I encourage every club to have a service project as this is what makes people join Rotary. We should ensure that the projects are well publicised and branded. But doing projects also comes with the need for us to give something to our Rotary Foundation. We agreed with the Opportunity Presidents that each will give at least US$1,000 to TRF (The Rotary Foundation) and other members will also give as they are able. Let us ensure that this becomes a reality so that our district is one of those that are counted as caring about humanity. Now is our chance to demonstrate that we are men and women of action - ready, willing and able to make a difference in the communities we serve.
As the Rotary Fraternity,  we cannot sit back and not care about our health and that of our families and communities.  I therefore urge you all to join me in executing Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) – our signature programme for 2020-21 by carrying out fitness exercises and practising healthy nutrition options in your clubs and communities. Let us find innovative ways to do FAN while involving non-Rotarians so that they can be attracted to join Rotary as a fun and fellowship organisation. It would be nice to encourage FAN activities among Rotaractors and Interactors where Rotary information is also shared. We must actively and enthusiastically engage men, women, youth, and children from our different communities as well as forge new partnerships so that we can widen our impact.
At the end of our year of service on 30th June 2021, we are entrusted with delivering two strong districts – 9213 (Uganda) and D9214 (Uganda and Tanzania). I encourage all of us to harness our energy, talents and resources to give this District 9211 a great farewell by performing exceedingly well in all avenues of service. Always ask yourself this question: What do we want our club and our district to be remembered by in the final year of service?
Most of all, let us remember that the next 12 months and beyond belong to all of us. Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Inner Wheelers, and our partners are doers! We make things happen all over the world! The more we educate our members, the stronger our organization becomes.
I look forward to hearing from each of you during the course of this Rotary Year as we “Open Opportunities” in District 9211. God bless you all as you start this wonderful journey of service.
Rosetti Nayenga
District Governor 2020 - 21
Rotary International District 9211