I welcome you back from the 96th District Conference and Assembly (DCA).  I commend the Conference Chair, Past Assistant Governor (PAG) Jane Kabugo and her team who ensured that we had a memorable 96th DCA experience.
I thought I would be kicking off May talking about the Youth. Instead we remain focused on COVID-19. But I must say that although this has been a difficult year, we in D9211 have risen to the occasion. I am extremely proud of all our Rotary Clubs and leaders. Not only have you looked “outside the box” for solutions, some of you have thrown it away altogether and curved out new and untrodden paths! I thank you all for saying “we can do this”, instead of “we never did it this way, and it just can’t be done” BRAVO! 
I am also truly amazed and delighted that at a time like this, Rotary continues to grow. And I believe that it is now more than before that people appreciate the value of organisations such as Rotary. The pandemic has brought people together and showed that none of us as individuals, as organisations nor as countries can survive as an island on its own. We all need each other and must work together to overcome the challenges of the day. Leaders in our communities are seeing Rotarians out helping in the community.  They are inspired by our spirit.  We can keep a positive message in the world that Rotary is here to help. I therefore encourage you to continue inviting more people to join Rotary so that we can do even more for humanity.
But before I conclude, I would like to remind you that May is the Youth Service month.  The youth make up more than 60% of the communities in both Uganda and Tanzania; and therefore, there is no way that we can promote social and economic development without them. We must support them to become a positive force in their communities by directly addressing the issues that affect them e.g. education, unemployment, substance abuse, health etc.
But as we engage the youth, it is important to remember that our youth service must go beyond our Rotaractors and Interactors to include other young people. I appeal to you to engage the youth from marginalised communities not just as beneficiaries but as active participants. I would therefore like to encourage all clubs to revive, expand and sustain their youth initiatives started under the Rotary Vijana Poa Programme. Plans are underway to scale up our youth skilling initiatives and we should be ready to exploit these opportunities.
Enjoy the month of May!
Rosetti Nayenga
District Governor 2020 - 21
Rotary International District 9211