Posted by Rose Nayenga on Jun 09, 2019
At the start of 2018/19, DG Sharmila tasked me to lead volunteers to strengthen existing partnerships and bring new ones on board; meet at most 40 corporates and sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with two high value partners for three years with sums of $50,000 and above. These targets have been achieved and surpassed thanks to the hardworking committee: IP Henry Luzinda; PP Hamza Kassongo; PP Sadiq Chagani; PP Moses Musiitwa; Rtn Joseph Tinkamanyire; PP Peter Kimbowa; IP Francis Ogwang; Rtn Henry Rugamba and PP Jane Kabugo.
More than 45 Rotary Clubs and 22 Corporate bodies were met and the need to form alliances with Rotary was discussed. More than 20 MoUs were signed with D9211 the most significant being:
  • USAID $4million for three years for WASH programmes.
  • Toyota Uganda for three years with initial $10,000 disbursed for Rotary Hospital Mukono
  • Kingdom of Buganda for five years for the six areas of focus plus environmental conservation, hunger eradication and employment
  • Austrian Intercountry Committee for promoting sustainable and innovative projects with D9211
  • Four three-year MoUs between RC Mukono and Colline Hotel Limited, Mukono Municipal Council, Centenary Bank Mukono and Midway Supermarket for supporting Cancer Run Mukono; TRF; Women and Youth Economic Empowerment Programmes and the six areas of Focus.
Partnership with Toyota-Uganda
Other agreements signed are:
  • Uganda Christian University for long term engagement on the Rotary Vijana Poa Entrepreneurship and Mind-set Centre
  • RC Entebbe and various partners to upgrade and equip Entebbe General Referral Hospital including ENHAS/NAS $90,000 over three years
  • Rotary Clubs of D3232 India with various clubs in Uganda through Rotary friendship Exchanges. Existing partnerships for the Blood Bank programme, Cancer Programme, Rotary Family Health Day Programme, Uganda Malaria Programme and Mission Green are continuously strengthened by the respective programme leaders.
Among the existing ones that are being nurtured is the partnership of Rotary Nkozi Hospital with Rotary Uganda establishing an Accident and Trauma Centre
As a team, we are happy with the achievements so far although we still have a long way to go . It was planned that a District and Country Corporate Framework would be defined and agreed but this was not achieved. It is still necessary so that we coordinate our approach to fundraising at the district and club level. Signing an agreement in itself is not a sufficient condition for successful interventions; all the agreements must be continuously monitored during implementation and emerging issues addressed. Progress must be recorded and the outcomes and impacts measured, against the agreed goals and targets. Rotary needs legal services to enable us prepare good agreements with our partners. Accountability and auditing mechanisms and reporting must be strengthened through Rotary Uganda Ltd.
Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga
District Corporate Partnerships Chair 2018-19
District Governor Nominee 2020-21