Posted by Richard Were on May 14, 2019
Warm greetings to all of you who have committed to the foundation giving. Our giving is the core foundation of the Rotary Foundation and will always determine its strength and existence.
We joined Rotary to serve humanity and can therefore not ignore that vehicle (The Rotary Foundation) that enables us to move through communities providing that service. It’s this vehicle that gives value to the existence of our clubs and makes it possible for Rotary clubs to transform lives around the globe.
We therefore need to give The Rotary Foundation that fuel that it transforms into service projects. This fuel can come in three forms: -
  • The fuel to run the service projects Annually-Supporting Rotary’s Current Work:  Annual Fund & SHARE
  • The fuel reserved as bumper for future use- Supporting Rotary’s Future Work:  Endowment Fund
  • The fuel for the general agreed-on commitment- Polio eradication fund
The power and strength of Rotary is in the numbers of members and friends of the organization. If these numbers are all committed to contributing a mere litre of fuel to our vehicle (Rotary Foundation) we can transverse and transform more parts of the world, building and empowering communities.
As said by Mother Theresa "it’s not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving" With this, I have come to learn that scarcity is just a mindset and its therefore our love for the Foundation is the missing link. Since giving is the core of the Foundation and if implemented by all members and clubs, we can avoid 2 scenarios: - (1 ) of having non-donor Rotarians in our clubs statistics annually and  (2)avoid having Zero giving clubs in District 9211
Our District target this year is USD 650,000 and with participation of all 4,200 members this would calculate to USD 154 per member or well calculated as USD 13 per member every month. ( the equivalent Ugx 50,000 per month/ one swallowship per month for the Foundation. AND If we fail this let’s use the same calculation for minimum USD 26.5 per member for EREY. With love and commitment, I highly doubt a Rotarian cannot afford raising USD 3 per month 0r UGX 12,000 a month.
To date, our achievement as D9211 is USD 364,064 and can be attributed to the participation of 1,205 committed Rotarian who invest the little dollar that motivates them to continue giving.
So in which clubs are the 2,951 non giving Rotarians? How do you grade the 50 ZERO GIVING CLUBS to the annual fund in D9211? and which are those 94 non-giving clubs to Polio Eradication Fund in D9211?  We all Note that Polio eradication is our number one priority project of The Rotary Foundation.
While it doesn’t matter as much where you start as long as you just get started, where you start is still important. That $ 1 that will motivate you to give $ 26.5 and continue giving to $ 100 and PHF level and major donor level is what matters most. You just need to be counted for the achievement.
Giving thus remains the Core of the Foundation and we all need that classified Giving that has no limits and times. We all ought to be counted as our strength is based on our numbers.
Written by 
By PAG Richard Were
Vice Chair-  D9211 TRF fundraising 2018-19
RC Nansana
Caption: DG Sharmila recognizing  the Vice TRF Fundraising Chair- D9211 Richard Were  at the recently concluded 94th DCA in Dare salaam.