Posted by Robinah Lutaaya on Jun 09, 2019
It all started in February 2018 when we attended the District Team Training Seminar in Agra India. It was an excellent training which prepared me to take on the mantle of my assignment as Assistant Governor (AG). On my return, I started making unofficial visits to the Clubs in my designated zone to get acquainted with members and the Presidents of the Clubs. I worked together with the Presidents to set the goals of their respective Clubs
The responsibilities of an AG require one to give of his/her time and make sacrifices. For example, I had two Clubs meeting on the same day and time as my home Club the Rotary Club of Bukoto i.e. on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Therefore, my responsibility as AG took precedence hence missing many of my Club meetings.  
Being an AG is a critical responsibility that demands a high level of commitment. The main responsibility is to supervise the clubs and ensure that Clubs through their respective Presidents set goals in alignment to the District Strategy, monitor the progress of the Clubs and ensure that they are on track with their goals. In addition, the AG   is required to visit the clubs under his or her supervision at least quarterly, offering guidance to the Presidents and providing them with information, resources as well as advice that will enable them to be successful. The Assistant Governor also keeps the District Governor (DG) up to date on each club’s progress and also gets to identify areas that may need attention. He or she helps the Club leaders to prepare for the District Governor’s official visit to the Club.
During my term as AG I have gained a lot of experience and learnt many things. I learnt to be extremely patient, tolerant and level headed. I always reminded myself that I was dealing with volunteers of different personalities. Some were quick to respond, others were slow and others do not react until some pressure was exerted. These skills are very important for an AG to possess to avoid clashes with the Presidents. My level of commitment to a given assignment /responsibility has been strengthened. I always reminded myself that I accepted to serve therefore I had to do my level best.
Serving as an AG also boosted my love for Rotary and increased my knowledge about Rotary. I had to read extensively about Rotary to avoid being embarrassed in case I am asked questions about Rotary. In my experience I realized that I should never assume that a Club that has existed for a long time knows all about Rotary. Thus learning and development is continuous for the role.
I have also met many people and built friendships within and beyond n Rotary. it is also important that an AG make friends with some members of the Clubs in that you get to know more about the Club and its challenges which may not be brought to your attention by the President.
I would like to thank my District Governor Sharmila Bhatt for her confidence in me and by appointing me Kampala zone 14, which was comprised of both new and old clubs such as Rotary Clubs of Bugolobi Morning Tide, Buloba, Najjeera, Kampala West and Makindye. Special thanks to  IP Aubrey Agaba, IP Daniel Ajju, IP Bernadette Olowo  IP Bernadette Namuli Businge and  IP Stephen Mukwaya for the cordial relationship we have had and for making my work as their AG pleasant.
Together, we have been the inspiration. Let us connect with the world!
By AG Robinah Lutaaya
Assistant Governor- Kampala Zone 14 (Rotary Clubs-  Bugolobi Morning Tide, Buloba,  Kampala West, Najjera, Makindye)