Posted by Fred Mubiru on Dec 06, 2018
What began as a dinner after the Rotary convention in Atlanta Georgia culminated into the community of Mpererwe benefiting from a $54,000 Global grant. One evening after the day’s proceedings of  the Rotary convention in June 2017, delegates from the Rotary club of Annapolis, Maryland USA and those from Kololo Kampala settled for dinner to regurgitate over a project the two clubs executed under GG 2574 in 2012. After a few discussions, it was agreed that we embark on a grant of Disease treatment and prevention as well as Child and maternal care.  Since the Rotary club of Kololo has been associated with the hospital for now over 26 years, it was easy to make a choice about which hospital to team up with.
After the convention, PP Farouk Mukasa was assigned to ensure that the grant application is completed on behalf of Rotary club of Kololo. Contributions were pledged from the Rotary clubs of Kololo, Kampala, Annapolis Maryland USA, Washington, Metro Bethesda, South Anne Arundel, and the Rotaract club of Annapolis. Districts 7620 and District 9211 also made DDF contributions. After the computed matching, a total of $53,500 was realized. The Rotary club of DuPont Circle also made an unmatched contribution of $500, thus making a total of $54,000. PAG Frederick Mubiru was assigned to be the local Primary Contact, while Phil Reynolds was assigned the International Primary Contact.
The Funds raised were geared towards: Procuring of an ambulance and assorted medical equipment; training in emergency surgical procedures for babies; post-natal home visits; school out reaches for adolescents; procurement of tents, chairs and Public address system for outreaches; and the monitoring and evaluation.
In March 2018, the international team from the Rotary club of Annapolis visited Uganda to acclimatize themselves with the project site. They spent the whole day at the hospital and were able to participate in the treatment of the patients and also visited one of the outreach sites.
Grant execution commenced in September 2018 and to date most of the procurements have been made.
To commemorate the grant District Governor D9211, Sharmila Bhatt agreed to officially launch the project at a colorful ceremony of November 27, 2018.Key highlights included handing over of the Ambulance, the medical equipment together with the outreach facilities including the tent, chairs and the Public address system.
She hailed the clubs for the joint partnerships and efforts Rotary Club of Kololo had put at the facility.
BY PAG Fred Mubiru
Rotary Club of Kololo Kampala