Posted on Jun 10, 2019
It is a privilege and an honor to serve in 2019/20 as your District Strategic Planning Chair together with Vice Chair Rtn Adeline Rutabanzibwa of RC Bukoba in Tanzania. We would like to highlight the importance of strategic planning for our club and district growth. Our goal is that in 2019/20, 100% of clubs in District 9211 have a three to five year strategic plan that guides club interventions and actions.
What is Strategic Planning?
This is an organizational management activity that involves setting priorities in our rotary clubs, focusing members’ and partners’ energy and resources and strengthening club operations, with the intended purpose of working toward common goals and results. In simple words, it is about determining what the rotary club wants to achieve and how it is going to get there. The document that communicates the actions needed to achieve the agreed goals over a given period is the Strategic Plan. The Plan may be on a post card or in a few pages that are easily readable and actioned by all members of the club.
Basic Steps in preparing a Strategic Plan
  1. Appoint a Club Strategic Planning Officer and Committee to coordinate the process of preparing a new or update an existing Club Strategic Plan
  2. Determine the status of the club by undertaking a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and administering a member satisfaction survey.
  3. Use the findings from Step 2 above to determine where you want the club to be in the next five years; identify the club priorities and these should be in consonance with the district 9211 and Rotary International Strategic goals and priorities.
  4. Define the planned goals and targets that are simple and easy to measure to ascertain progress and impact.
  5. Determine the strategies, action plans, budgets and members who will implement specific activities in the Strategic Plan.
  6. Prepare the Plan with the above content and share it with all members in the club for buy-in and allocation of duties.
Implementing the Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan is meaningless if it is not implemented and monitored. Implementation requires that the club comes up with specific annual and quarterly work plans to implement activities and projects that are in line with the Strategic Plan. The work plans must milestones to be achieved within specific time frames. The work plans should aim to contribute to the realization of the goals and targets set by our District Governor for 2019/20 Rotarian Xavier Sentamu as well as any other specific needs that are unique to the communities where each respective club serves.
Monitoring the Strategic Plan
The club should set indicators of performance for measuring progress towards the set goals and targets. The monitoring and evaluation plan should indicate the resources and human manpower that is needed to achieve the goals; the activities that are to be implemented; the resultant outputs and outcomes of the various interventions. Clubs should aim at allocating a member to be in charge of ensuring that monitoring and evaluation of all activities is undertaken and progress is reported in Rotary Club Central.
For further details contact: DGN/District Strategic Planning Chair 2019/20 Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga at; District Strategic Planning Vice Chair 2019/20 Adeline Rutabanzibwa at