Posted by Rose Nayenga on Feb 04, 2019
Corporate Partnership is about strategic long term alliances between two or more parties who subscribe to a common vision intended for sustainable and long term impact in communities; it promotes shared values involving long-term integrated planning and budgeting to achieve agreed goals and objectives. As an outcome, formal engagements are established with memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) signed between cooperating partners.


Pertinent Concerns: The establishment of Corporate Partnerships in D9211 was  long overdue taking into consideration the challenges we go through as Rotary to fundraise for our service projects. The frantic uncoordinated efforts by each club to solicit funding from the same donor or partner; the small amounts that partners earmark for short term projects funded through corporate social responsibility (CSR); poor accountability and reporting for these funds which breeds mistrust; and exhaustion of Rotarians looking for funds with less time spent on service. This is rather an unsustainable model of funding rotary projects; the public image of rotary suffers as we are viewed as perpetual beggars. We must find a better model of fundraising for service.


A Working Model: This rotary year 2018/19, our District Governor introduced the task of strengthening existing corporate partnerships and establishing new ones at club and district level with an expected outcome of signing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with at least two high value partners for a period of 3 years with sums of $50,000 and above in support of rotary. This would be achieved through meeting at least 30 to 40 partners and sharing with them rotary.


A District Corporate Partnership Committee was set up in July 2018 to execute the task: Rtn Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga (Chair) – RC Mukono; President Henry Luzinda (Secretary) – RC Mukono; Rtn Hamza Kassongo – Tanzania; Ambassador Rtn Balozi Arthur Mattey – Tanzania; PCC Sadiq –Tanzania; PP Moses Musiitwa – RC Kyambogo; PP Joseph Tinkamyire – RC Kampala; PP Peter Kimbowa – RC Muyenga; Rtn Francis Ogwanga – RC Kiwatule; PAG Jane Kabugo – RC Kampala Sunrise; Rtn Robert Nsereko RC Lugogo Mango Tree; and PAG Henry Rugamba – RC Kampala


Moving forward:

A total of 45 rotary clubs and 16 corporate bodies in Uganda have been met and the concept shared with them by this committee and other supportive Rotarian leaders. Twenty MoUs of varying values have been signed, and others are in advanced stages of formalisation. We have a sample MOU template and Certificate of Corporate Partnerships that you can use to prepare formal agreements with your partners.




Examples of long term MoUs signed or in pipeline:
  1. Rotary International/USAID, Rotary Uganda and Implementing districts - $4 million for WASH;
  2. RC Entebbe, Entebbe Handling Services, Entebbe General Referral Hospital and International Partners - $120,000 for Ambulance and Rehabilitating and Equipping Hospital;
  3. Kingdom of Buganda and Rotary Uganda - Joint programmes for development in rotary six areas of focus, human settlement, environmental conservation, hunger eradication, employment generation;
  4. Toyota Uganda Limited and Rotary District 9211;
  5. Rotary Vijana Poa programme, with :-Uganda Christian University, RC Mukono, RC Mukono Central, RC Seeta, RC Lugazi Central - Rotary Youth Entrepreneurship Centre at UCU  and
  6. RC Mukono signed separate MoUs with Mukono Municipal Council, Centenary Bank Mukono Branch, Colline Hotel Ltd and Midway Supermarket – Cancer Runs, TRF, six areas of focus, women and youth market and youth community center.
Our role as Clubs and Individual Rotarians: Rotary’s large service portfolio and public image speaks volumes and attracts partners every day. Our challenge is how to position ourselves to bring the engagements with partners to fruition in terms of long term impactful alliances. Let us grow, nurture and formalise all the relationships we have with our partners, with a focus on implementing large projects while allowing the partner to benefit from our public image. Let us think carefully about the benefits and incentives that our partners can derive from long term engagements with rotary. We must strengthen our Rotary Uganda and Rotary Tanzania Offices to handle the big business of managing public relations, legal matters and accountability with our partners. We should submit copies of all club, country and district MoUs to the Country Rotary Office for safe custody and follow up across the years when leaders change. We plan to prepare a District Corporate Partnerships Framework that will guide our work in the medium term. Feel free to contact any member of the District Corporate Partnerships Committee for support.

By Rtn. Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga

District Corporate Partnership Chair 2018/19; District Governor Nominee (DGN) 2020/21