Posted by Catherine Njuguna on Jan 03, 2019


Dear readers,

A very happy new year to you all!

We all love new things. And right now, we are unwrapping a brand-new year. A clean slate to start all over again. This is a time when we all, in one way or another, reflect on what we want to achieve in the new year. Whether you make resolutions or not! 


I always tell myself I will not make any resolutions because these have been found not to work.  For most people, by February, they have given up.  But I still do find myself starting the year with some sort of resolutions. Most of which I make in December so then they are not new year resolutions but yes by February I usually also have fallen off the bandwagon! 

But I still soldier on in March and April and to the next new year! So, let us not give up on our dreams and wishes and when we fall off let us get back on the track and move on. As I have said earlier the journey and lessons learned along the way are more important than the destination!

So, what do we have in our first edition of the new year? Our inspiring Rotarian is Past District Governor Henry Kyemba. According to our DG, PDG Henry inspires her with his dedication and passion for Rotary. He serves in the Rotary International Committee on polio and has taken up the challenge of starting a new club in Jinja.  Read on and be inspired as well.

So, for now I leave you with the words from the song This is a New Year by A Great Big World to inspire you as you pursue your dreams for the year and serve humanity 

This Is the New Year

Another year you made a promise

Another chance to turn it all around

And do not save this for tomorrow

Embrace the past and you can live for now

And I will give the world to you


Speak louder than the words before you

And give them meaning no one else has found

The role we play is so important

We are the voices of the underground

And I will give the world to you




This is the new year

A new beginning

You made a promise

You are the brightest

We are the voices!


We hope you will enjoy reading the Wave as much as we enjoyed working on it! ->

The Wave Team

Catherine, Flavia and Eric