Posted by Catherine Njuguna on Nov 01, 2018


It’s our great pleasure to reconnect with you again and share stories of what has been happening in the district and beyond. 

This month, we are celebrating the Rotary Foundation. If Rotarians are the lifeblood of Rotary, then the Foundation is the heart, beating steadily and strong, enabling Rotarians from all around the world to alleviate suffering and make the world a better place through community service. This November, how will you celebrate the Foundation? Share with us your stories and we will feature them in the next edition. 

October highlights two very important life-threatening diseases that are a global challenge. One is the crippling disease that Rotary is on the fringe of making history. Yes, you guessed correctly – it is polio and we as Rotarians are working hard to see it become the second disease in the world to be eradicated through our massive vaccination campaigns. 

In our inspiring Rotarian series, we bring you Robert Tuhamire from Uganda, a husband and a father, an entrepreneur, a Rotaractor and a polio survivor. Polio may have rendered him disabled, he’s been laughed at but his spirit has not been broken! I am sure you will be as inspired by his story as we were. 

The second disease that the whole month of October is dedicated to creating awareness about is breast cancer - creating awareness to both men and women – because yes, men also get the disease. Early detection is key to the successful treatment of the disease. So, monthly self-examination and annual mammograms for those past the age of 40 are very important.  Other things we can do to reduce our chances of getting the disease include having healthy diets, reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, no smoking, reduce excess weight and exercise regularly among other measures. 

This October, the 10th edition of the iconic Dar Rotary marathon took place and this year the participants increased to over 15,000 people. We bring you this and other actions from around the district. 

We hope you will enjoy reading the Wave as much as we enjoyed working on it! ->

The Wave Team

Catherine, Flavia and Eric