By Neema Rubaba, Rotaract Club of Kairuki.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning of June 23rd 2018 though it had started all chilly and rainy scaring us.  But thank God it didn’t last too long and soon the sun was out, shining brightly from a clear blue sky and we had it was a jolly, colorful and event. We, volunteers and the organizers of the first ever Rotary Goat Races, The Rotary Club of Oysterbay, arrived early, listened attentively listening to our instructions for the day. 

Then people started trooping in, excited. Personally, I was excited to see how the goats would race and a winning goat would be found. 

I was assigned to volunteer in the food and beverages section then later moved to the VIP section. 

The rotary goat races had the most amazing MCs, they made the whole place so lively.  The goats had incredible names like you’ve GOAT to be kidding, Mathew and Mathew, CavaCordonNegro, Selena Goatmez and of course our very own kyoma. 

You cannot speak of rotary goat races 2018 and forget the fancy dress parade where guests showed off their best“wakandastyle”referring to the successful marvel movie Black panther. This was also the theme of the event. 


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