District 9211 recognises the moral, organisational, and societal responsibility of Rotarians and Rotaractors to be at the forefront of addressing both endemic and emergency challenges to communities, and has therefore established a Committee, D9211 CESCO, to coordinate the Rotary Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  To this end, the District has taken steps to put up a fund that will:
  • Enable Rotarians, Rotaractors, and partner organisations to make financial contributions to grow the fund; and
  • Provide support to Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that want to support identified communities or institutions.
Appeal For Donations
My dear friend, as People of Action, we too must individually and collectively make a contribution to our basket of funding so that we implement impactful interventions. 
Together, we care and reach out to those in need. I request each of us to make a financial or in-kind contribution during this month or next month. Every contribution counts: from Rotaractors and Rotarians individually; from Clubs; and from Friends of Rotary you can all reach out to.  Please notify any of the following of your contribution or intention to contribute:
Taking into account the current situation, mobile channels will be set up and communicated next week. The regular Country Office channels are also available as follows:
Uganda Rotary Office
Banker:  Centenary Bank, Corporate Branch
Account Name: Uganda Rotary Office
Account Number: UGX 2210400013; USD 2218000057 
Tanzania Rotary Office
To use mobile channels once these are established.
In-Kind Grant Guidelines. (Document Attached).
Because of the necessary common good restrictions imposed by governments in Tanzania and Uganda, and the challenges clubs would face in transacting funds from their accounts and then procuring items, the support cannot be given through cash District Grants as would normally be the choice:  support will be given through in-kind District Grants that also give the benefits of economies of scale during  procurement. The stewardship requirements for District Grants will also apply to these in-kind grants.
These guidelines shall be used by clubs to apply for, manage, account and report on grants: 
  1.  The District-approved areas of intervention, selected to align with government guidelines, are:
    1. WASH Facilities–e.g. sanitizers, soap and pedal-operated hand washing stations;
    2. Personal Protection Equipment;
    3. Food parcels (to be given to national task force); and  
    4. Any other innovative interventions that satisfy the general government guidelines and procedures.
  2. CESCO will procure the identified common items to be distributed to clubs through their field agents. Such field agents must have secured general or advance permission from the relevant government institutions.
  3. Clubs shall be required to:
    1. Apply using the form attached;
    2. Hold current Club Qualification (Rotaract Clubs are exempted from this but should work with a qualified club);
    3. Set up a Project Committee of at least three members, communicated as part of the application by the club President and Secretary;
    4. Name the institution (Health Center; Hospital; Community; etc.) that is the intended beneficiary and the justification for its selection;
    5. Provide a list of the items with: quantities and estimated costs; the planned club contribution; and the planned timeline for handing over the items.  
    6. Show that they have the necessary government authority or are working through an entity authorized by government to deliver or such distribute items;
  4. Applications should be submitted as a single pdf document to cesco@rotaryd9211.org  
NB: These guidelines do not in any way apply to or affect procedures and requirements for Global Grant applications or related applications for District DDF. 
District 9211 COVID-19 Emergency: Application for in-kind District Grant
Reference should be made to the guidelines before you complete this form
  1. Name of the club(s) (first Club will be responsible for reporting):
  1. Club Project Committee: (Names)
Club (if more than one club applying) Contacts (email and phone
  1. Name of target beneficiary (Institution of Community): 
  1. Evidence of the MOH/Local authority authorization Club or authorized distributor to operate in the area (attach letter of authority)
  1. Items requested; estimated budget; planned club contributions; and planning timeline (attach)
  1. Extra technical support needed 
  1. Expected outcome/observations
  1. Approved by: 
Club President
Club Secretary 
Task force Chairman/Secretary action
Keep safe, keep healthy and keep Connected as you wash your hands regularly.

Francis Xavier Sentamu                                                                                                           

District Governor, 2019-20

Rotary International, D9211 (Tanzania & Uganda)

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