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I want to start by congratulating you for the great accomplishments of the Rotary Year 2019/2020! Together with the able leadership of our now Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) Xavier Sentamu and his team, we have enriched lives and put a smile on the faces in the communities we serve.
As Rotary, we are a unique lot that continues to serve above self, giving all we can to improve humanity in a manner that PDG Bob called - Irrational People. The giving as we know is all round including finances, time, skills and emotions. We pay to give.
The question is how much do we care for ourselves? This year, I would like to introduce to you a “Caring for the carer” 360-degree wellness model where we are going to take care of ourselves as we take care of others and have fun as we do so. This is going to be through what we have named the Fitness Assessment and Nutrition (FAN) campaign!
What is the FAN Campaign?
The FAN campaign has been developed with the following aims:
1. Fun and membership recruitment by
a. Bringing and or enhancing fun in our work among ourselves as Rotarians and the communities we serve
b. Creating awareness about the Rotary philosophy and work within the communities we serve
c. Attracting more caring hearts and hands into Rotary hence growing our membership
2. Promotion of health and wellness through
a. Creating awareness about the raging/sky rocketing non-communicable diseases and how to prevent them
b. Facilitating the prevention and treatment of diseases where applicable through the simple practices of fitness, assessment and nutrition
c. Developing a wellness culture among ourselves and the communities with FAN
In a nutshell, the FAN campaign sits within our focus areas of Disease Prevention and Treatment, Basic Literacy and Education, as well as Water and Sanitation so as to benefit us and the external communities, while we have fun and grow our membership!
What will the FAN campaign involve?
A. Fitness sessions: This will involve organized activities such as physical fitness talks, coupled with physical exercise sessions such as walks, jogs, runs, aerobic sessions, dance sessions, cycling, swimming, gym sessions, home exercises and the like. It will also include mental wellness activities such yoga, meditation, comedy, board games and others.
B. Assessment: This will involve the facilitation and promotion of regular clinical assessment and tracking of individual health status. Assessments to be conducted will include blood sugar, blood pressure, heart/pulse rate, cancer screening (breast, cervical, prostate and others) as well as nutritional status assessments such as Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol etc. Depending on discretion, there may be additional screening for communicable diseases such as malaria, hepatitis etc.
C. Nutrition and health awareness: This will involve information dissemination on appropriate food choices and preparation practices, consumption of healthy diets, management of dietary challenges, as well as simple measures to secure food through backyard gardening, to mention but a few. It will also involve support and promotion of healthy lifestyle choices as well as sanitation, handwashing and hygiene best practices.
D. Promotion of all three practices: To achieve this, we shall
a. Form partnerships with corporate organisations to sponsor FAN messages in some of their media channels as part of their contribution to health promotion in the country.
b. Have patented standard branded paraphernalia like water bottles, caps, t-shirts, arm bands, wrist bands, pens, notebooks etc that will be for sale at clubs and within the communities. An affordable standard price structure will be provided to enable clubs make a small profit to go into their FAN bag.
c. Have standard weekly messages on FAN disseminated through relevant District and Club platforms.
d. Encourage all participating individuals at initial assessment to develop a Health Action Plan (HAP) for specific health issues as well as general wellness. The HAPs will have goals against which progress will be tracked during the ongoing subsequent assessments both by the individual, as well as by experts present at organized sessions.
Form partnerships with corporate organisations to sponsor FAN messages in some of their media channels as part of their contribution to health promotion
The FAN campaign will be implemented at the District, Country, Club and Community (DCCC) level with the Club as the core driver of our intentions.
1. The District will
(i) obtain corporate media partners for mass media promotion
(ii) appoint and monitor collateral/promotional material suppliers.
2. The Country will (i) see to integration of FAN activities in existing country programs e.g Cancer Program and Run, Blood Bank, Vijana Poa and Mission Green. (ii) Circulate all necessary information e.g the weekly messages, (iii) manage paraphernalia/promotional material sales/ movement to clubs and overall stock.
3. Clubs will (i) launch the campaign at one of their fellowships in the first six weeks of the year, (ii) share the weekly FAN messages through their Club platforms, (iii) schedule a FAN session at least once a month, (iv) schedule a FAN activity in the Club neighborhood community at least once a quarter, (v) conduct FAN assessments in collaboration with health and nutrition experts, (vi) have a platform for continuous assessment & sharing of progress on HAPs.
4. In the Community, leaders will be approached and encouraged by the clubs to mobilize their communities and ensure they attend the community FAN activities e.g physical exercise sessions such as Aerobics, Zumba etc which will also involve sale of branded campaign paraphernalia for continuous promotion in the community as well as promotion of Rotary and its other activities.
Campaign outcome
We envisage that at the end of the year we shall have:
1. Happier, fitter and healthier Rotary fraternity and communities around us.
2. Increased awareness of non-communicable diseases and ways to identify, prevent or treat them.
3. Developed a 360-degree wellness culture within our communities through continuous fitness, assessment and good nutrition.
4. Increased understanding and appreciation of Rotary and the benefits of membership.
Rosetti Nayenga
District Governor 2020 - 21
Rotary International District 9211