Fellow Rotarians
We are in the second quarter of our Rotary year. No doubt, the first quarter was hectic and challenging as we all tried to amidst the new normal to implement the brilliant ideas we had planned at District, club and personal level. It has been extremely rewarding as I continue to visit clubs and see all the marvelous work Rotarians do across our District. I hope you are equally as proud and carry a sense of satisfaction that you are giving your best.
 I appreciate the fact that each one of us is gifted in various ways to make a difference. Todate, I have visited more than half of the clubs - seeing clubs and projects in varying sizes and impact. No matter the size, each project has left an indelible mark on me, and the communities where they are implemented. 
It is truly amazing to witness, firsthand, our outstanding projects. We should better promote our good work so that more people will know about Rotary and desire to lend their support. The more help we get, the better placed we are to address the needs of our communities.
Rotary has designated the month of October for Economic and Community Development. It highlights one of our seven areas of focus, and may be the one that probably gets the least attention in our District. We are experiencing sluggish economies, high levels of unemployment and rising poverty. These conditions lead to crime and health issues. As Rotarians, we should be concerned about these trends and think about ways we can help. Can we develop projects that will create jobs and promote entrepreneurship? What if we were to, as Rotarians, engage other community and business leaders as well as stakeholders in the public and private sectors to work together to develop and implement such initiatives?
 This is an opportunity for us to check the classification list in our clubs and identify members with skills best suited for economic development and put them to work. I am sure that we would come up with amazing solutions. Creating awareness about the opportunities in our communities, could positively impact the lives of the residents around us. Can you imagine a District where Rotarians helped influence reduction in crime, improvement in job opportunities and the general wellbeing of our neighbours? And just think about the number of future Rotarians that we might be creating! That, my fellow Rotarians, is significant. Let us make October a month to remember.
It is important that all members are given an opportunity to use their talents and vocations to support our communities. Every member should be engaged for the maximum effect of making a difference. Let us engage one another in club talks and trainings, uplifting our classifications for a better enlightened Rotary.
Finally, friends, a kind reminder to contribute to The Rotary Foundation because it is through this foundation that our District is able to implement impactful projects. Let us also give towards Polio Plus, so that we can completely kick Polio out of the world. Let us give as much as we can, until it hurts. I also encourage everyone to pay their dues! Let us be exemplary Rotarians.  
Rosetti Nayenga
District Governor 2020 - 21
Rotary International District 9211