The 3rd annual Rotary Zanzibar & Fumba Town Golf Day was held again at Zanzibar’s only golf course at Sea Cliff Resort & Spa on the 29TH of September 2018. The event was a huge success, raising $18,000 to support Makunduchi Hospital.
It was an amazing day of golf on a beautiful course, filled with the fun and fellowship of other players, sponsors, friends and family whilst helping 1,000’s of others.
In just three years this competition has made its mark on the golfing communities of East Africa and raised over $50,000 for worthy causes.
The organisers and sponsors were thrilled to see how much the event has grown in stature and reputation on the East African Golfing Circuit with this year’s event attracting record numbers including several new players from Uganda and Kenya. They had all heard about previous year’s events and had to see for themselves what their friends and fellow golfers were raving about and were not disappointed, nor were the many returning players, some of whom travelled from as far as the UK and South Africa.
They were further delighted by the support and enthusiasm of the many non-players who supported by attending the evening prize giving dinner, “The 19th Hole”.
The sponsors of the event continue to be hugely generous with their donations. The luxury gift bags that each player received were valued at US$300 each. Key sponsors included; Fumba Town, Sea Cliff Resort & Spa, ORYX Energies, OZTI East Africa, RE/MAX Omela Real Estate, Zanlink, Advent Construction and Resolution Insurance. 
On the course, each hole was sponsored by organisations providing refreshments for the competitors. For example breakfast was provided at the 1st hole by Sea Cliff, while refreshing drinks were supplied on the 3rd hole by ZMMI. Qatar Airways, for the 3rd year running sponsored 2 return flights as the winning prizes for the men’s and women’s categories, with other amazing prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. There were also prizes on each hole for both men and woman for longest drive, closest to pin etc.
Kyle Veitch, a tournament regular, took home first prize for men and Priscilla Karobia, a fellow Rotarian from Dar es Salaam, won the ladies competition.
The beneficiary of the 2018 Golf Day was once again Makunduchi Hospital, managed by HIPZ and the Ministry of Health. During the dinner, “The 19th Hole” HIPZ made a short but powerful presentation highlighting their achievements, challenges and journey. The sponsors, golfers and supporters received a great visual understanding of just how big the Rotarian contribution has been. The Rotary Club of Zanzibar, Stone Town together with their international Rotary partners are as significant a partner as big names such as UNICEF and Save the Children.
The proceeds of our inaugural 2016 Golf Day were partially used to obtain a Rotary Global Grant amounting to almost $80,000 for major refurbishment of certain areas of the hospital.
This year, the proceeds of the 2018 Golf Day and other funds raised through our Rotarian Partners in Nevenes, Norway will be used to pay for repairs, construction and extensions to the hospital amounting to $36,000, namely:
  • building an extension to the female ward (and thereby consolidating the services offered to women patients in a way which offers them more respect and privacy)
  • creation of a dedicated post-miscarriage care and counseling unit.
  • construction of a new incinerator
The hospital receives an average of 70 female in-patients a month. The existing ward has 6 beds and they hope to increase this to 10. The complete extension increases the existing ward by approximately 160%.
The hospital currently deals with about 30 cases of miscarriage a month and needs a dedicated surgical space for safe, private medical care and a dedicated area to offer counselling. Traditionally, miscarriage is treated as a fact of life, when in reality it is hugely traumatic and Rotary is very pleased to support a program that cares for woman at this delicate point.
Karibuni to the 4th Rotary Golf Day in September 2019!